This handsome guy was Chubb and he passed away on 12-10-2019.  Chubb came to Krewe when he was roaming a neighborhood and seemed to need some medical care.  One of our volunteers contacted us about Chubb.  Once in our care it was discovered Chubb had bone cancer that had metastasized to his lungs and other areas of his body. Chubb knew love in his foster home.

Sweet little Tommy passed away on 07/18/2018. Tommy came to rescue when a group of local citizens became concerned for his will being after he was discovered at a job site.  Once Tommy was in our care, it was discovered he had Mega E. Mega E is a terrible disease affecting the esophagus making it difficult to eat.  Tommy had several tests and radical life saving procedures to try and save his life.  Tommy was only with us a short time, but he was full of life and a little spunky.  Tommy knew love while he was with us. Tommy was well loved by many through the very end when he passed away lying on the chest of his foster mom.  Tommy is missed by many.

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